Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our Journey of Change - We Are Moved Into Our "New" Home!

As I mentioned in my previous post, God has so graciously provide for us to purchase a mobile home near Schuylkill Haven Pennsylvania.  We had a small window of opportunity between storms to move our belongings  from storage to our "new" home, so Jim took the day off Friday so that he along with our son-in-law and grandson could get it all moved before the next ice/freezing rain storm arrived (today, Saturday - they are calling for more next Tuesday and Thursday!)

We are all so sore and tired!  Jim and I had a difficult time sleeping last night due to pain.  It's tough getting old and out of shape.  We still have things to bring over from the trailer, but within the next couple of days it will all be here and we can finally get settled into a "real" home.  Right now I must say that 924 sq. ft.  seems like a mansion compared to living in a travel trailer for the last 18 months! 

The kitchen is at one end of the home and our bedroom/master bath is at the other end.  I find myself needing to rest before I make my trek back to either place!  HA HA!  Our cats are busy exploring their new surroundings and chasing one another. They are like having two toddlers around!  HA HA!  Kylie, our 14 year old dog just lays around wherever I am.  She is my special "protector". 

We really like our home, but like all homes it needs a little TLC as well as we need some living room furniture and lamps etc...  Oh, I cannot forget  this one - we need a washer and dryer.  Jim says that is number one priority - he is tired of going to the laundry mat!  The company we purchased the home from still needs to put in a propane line to our stove and get our hot water heater to work.  There is always something when you are homeowners. 

Actually, our number one priority is to sell our travel trailer.  Then we can purchase the above mentioned items and make the necessary "repairs" and improvements. So please bring our request to the Lord.  Thank you. 

Well another box is calling my name!  I can't wait to get it all put away and set up!  So exciting!  Oh, to finally be able to entertain once again!  Thank you Lord! 

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