Friday, July 15, 2011

You Look So Good!

Makeup can cover a multitude of defects; including some of the signs of our illnesses.  I notice that when I wear makeup not only do I look better, but my demeanor changes as well.  Makeup seems to be a little pick-me-up in the way I feel about myself; even if it is for a short time.

 I realize that it may be a sign of vanity; that we should embrace what God has given us.  I believe I am just enhancing what God has given me.  What I mean is that I am just covering up the imperfections the many years of chronic illness has left behind and shining forth the image that God has originally created.  

At the same time I also notice that people will treat me differently when I am wearing makeup.  When I wear makeup I look healthier and in so doing I will get the old, “You look so good – you must be feeling better”.   Don’t you just wish they would stop at, “You look so good”?  When they add the other you feel like you need to explain yourself.  “Thank you, but makeup covers a multitude of flaws.  I really feel…..”   Even my doctors will say something like that if I wear makeup to my appointments.  When I don’t wear makeup to my appointment the doctor will ask if I am depressed.  I will tell him, “No, I just want you to see how I feel as well.  The yellowish complexion, the blotchy rash on my face and nose, the dark circles under my sunken eyes, the multitude of colors in my complexion…… “  

No matter what people may think or say, I wear makeup more for me.  I seem to feel better about myself.  I know it is just camouflaging the outward signs of my chronic illness, but at least every time I pass the mirror the multitude of times I have to go to the bathroom each day, I don’t have to see those many imperfections that my illnesses have left behind.   

If wearing a little bit of makeup each day gives me a little pick-me-up then so be it.  I just wish people would just stop at –“You look so good!” 

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