Friday, August 12, 2011

When The Lord Closes One Door, Somewhere He Opens A Window

Yesterday I wrote that I received a notice from Welfare that my medical assistance was going to be discontinued effective August 23rd.  For two years I have been awaiting a decision regarding my application for SSI (Social Security Income).  The other week I received the judge's decision that I am medically eligible for SSI but they needed more information regarding my husband's income to see if I financially meet the criteria.  Today, the Lord Opened A Window!  Effective August 1st I am eligible for Medical Assistance along with $22.10 a month income!  Praise the Lord! 

I am so humbled that God is so merciful to me to bestow His marvelous grace upon a wretch like me!  I had been so negative in regards to receiving SSI.  I really thought I would not financially qualify, but I guess when I say my husband gets paid weekly the government actually sees that Jim truly does gets paid weakly!  Ha, Ha!

Now I can truly concentrate on Becoming a Healthier Me without wondering if I will be able to continue my medications, doctors visits, and physical therapy. 

God is Good.... All the Time!

Thank you all again for your continued prayers! 


Dylan said...

Wonderful! God is always good and we are always loved!

bp said...

That's great to hear! Thankful to hear that for you.