Monday, October 1, 2012

Start Your Day with an Energizing Smoothie

By on August 27th, 2012

Vitacost Energery Smoothies Recipes

Are you usually dragging your feet by mid-morning? Skip your usual breakfast and instead, start your day with one of these amazingly delicious energizing smoothies – then tackle your to-do list with ease!

Choco-Coffee Blast

This satisfying smoothie combines muscle-building protein with energy-supporting glutamine.
Chia Fruit Boost
Discover the energy secret of the Ancient Aztecs with this chia seed, fruit and protein powder concoction.
Green Tea Berry Treat
Get going in the morning with a delicious and energizing combination of green tea, flaxseeds and nutrient-rich fruits!

Combine ingredients, blend and enjoy


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They are yummy. How are you Denise?

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Seems yummy ..Does it really help us to building six pack.