Friday, January 3, 2014


With all the changes in Healthcare and rising medical costs it is so difficult these days for most people to afford their medications let alone pay for their doctor visits and other medical expenses. 
Lately I have been searching the Internet for prescription assistance.  I found several helpful links and I would love to share them with you on the following page on my blog/website.  Assistance with Medical Costs

Over the last few years I have learned that YOU are your best Advocate.  Many major pharmacies accept most medical discount cards but they will not volunteer the information.  Why should they if they can get the full amount they charge?  But really, why shouldn't they help their customers?  

The past few months since I have had to pay for my own prescriptions due to the loss of medical insurance, I have been searching the Internet for ways to afford my medications.  I found many discount cards which have already saved me a few HUNDRED of dollars.  Yes, HUNDREDS!  But again, you have to do your own research; even phone calls to your local pharmacies to double check that they will honor the discount cards.  

Side note here: Going back to my pharmacy comment:  Yesterday I received a phone call from the pharmacy that my medication was ready.  The total cost of the medication with the discount cards on file was $112.67.  I immediately expressed that I cannot afford the medication so they need to put the medication back on the shelf.  The pharmacist said, "Okay, we will put the medication on hold for you."  I said, "thank you."  As soon as I hung up the phone I began another Internet search by entering the name of the medication and discount card in the search engine; I received more discount card information.  One discount card showed that my total cost for the same medication would be $23.98.  Wow, what a savings!  I promptly contacted my pharmacy then gave them the name of the discount card and asked if they accept the card.  They said, “Yes, we do."  I did not ask the person on the other end of phone why they had not assisted me when I told them I could not afford the medication, but I will ask the pharmacist when I come in with ALL the discount cards I have printed thus far as to why they do not volunteer a list of cards/discounts they accept.  I'm sure I know what their response will be, “We do not have the time or the funds to do so…”  But, I think it would be a good gesture for any pharmacy to provide assistance to customers who cannot afford medications.    After all, I have been a faithful customer to this pharmacy for over 3 ½ years.  

Either way, whether you have medical insurance or not, these discount cards can be most helpful if you have to pay any portion/percentage of the cost. 

Again, YOU must be your own advocate.  If for some reason you are unable to be your own advocate then please allow a trusted friend or relative to act on your behalf.  I have found that medical professionals do not always have the time or the resources to provide such information to their clients/patients/customers. 

If you have more helpful resources to share please feel free to contact me via on the comments on this post or email me at:  

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Anonymous said...

Thank YOU for this reminder! It is a shame they don't try to be more helpful, but what a blessing God provided by giving you perseverance. I have been paying for one of my drugs out of pocket for over a year and a half. It has risen to $150 a month. I too have started advocating for myself and plan to be inspired by your diligence. :)