Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Update #2 - Would of - Could of - Should of -

Health and Financial Challenges:

I decided to share some of the other challenges we have been facing these past months before I continue with Becoming a Healthier Me.

1)      My Husband Jim:
a)      The past 2 years my husband has been going through some health challenges as well.  He had his second spine surgery in December (2 surgeries less than 18 months apart).  Due to the extensive surgery as well as the deteriorating condition of his spine, future surgeries and extreme chronic pain, Jim had to file for Social Security Disability because he could no longer function as a teacher and interim administrator at a local Christian School.  Between the pain, physical therapy and pain medications his body and brain just are not what they used to be nor should be in those positions.  

b)      Loss of income, along with no retirement or savings has left us in a puzzling situation.  As Jim says, “I never thought that at age 60 I would be in this condition.  I thought I would be able to teach or preach until I die.”  We have spent most of our 40 years of marriage in the ministry in one way or another as well as having to work “odd jobs” or extra jobs just to squeak by from month to month – like so many of you as well.  

Would of – Could of – Should of – does not help us financially so we will not go    there – not to say we have not gone there ourselves though….  

So here we are - both Jim and I have been deemed disabled by the US government yet the government believes Jim’s SSD is enough for two people to live on – which after further discovery is right at poverty level for two people.  

The predicament we find ourselves in is that we both have healthcare right now due to our disabilities – if I work even part –time I could lose my much needed healthcare! But our monthly obligations and basic living expenses are more than what we are receiving.  

Please be in prayer as we seek guidance and assistance from friends, family and most of all our Lord and Savior.  

God has been faithful, and He will continue to be faithful. He will supply – We need to listen to His voice to know what and how He will supply.

I will share in another post just how faithful our Lord has been these past 7 months.

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