Why The Bee?

Have you ever wondered how a bumble bee can fly? Scientifically the body of a bumble bee is too big, and its wingspan is too narrow to be able to fly. Yet, it flies around anyway defying the laws of aeronautical science doing what God designed it to do!

Some of us may have had someone tell us – “you can’t”; “you’re worthless”; “you’re too sick." Some may be going through health issues, marital problems, financial problems, family issues. There is an army of people and obstacles out there trying to pull us down and make us doubt what God has designed us to be. We have built up walls of protection from pain, suffering, and sorrow.

The bumble bee snubs its stinger at the nay-sayers and BEElieves in what God designed it to do. We need to BEElieve what the psalmist wrote in Psalm 18:29:

"In Your strength I can crush an army; with my God I can scale any wall” (NLT).

Do you BEElieve? I quote this verse every day. I have claimed this verse every day. In God"s strength I will crush the army of chronic illness. With my God I will scale the walls that others put up against me. I BEElieve, Do you?

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